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Outsourced IT Support

Thanks for checking out our website! We believe our relationship with clients is the key to a truly strategic and beneficial partnership. Read on to find out more about us and our business objectives. I promise it won’t be boring!

Pro-IS is a strategic business technology partner based in Fort Collins Colorado, USA. We are a small, tight-knit and agile team of amazing people. We’re hikers and skiers, parents of two- and four-legged children, small business owners and creatives. We love to volunteer in our community and go on adventures.

We’ve provided Information Technology (IT) services and IT support expertise to small and medium sized businesses since 1998. Our clients include local small businesses with just a few people and larger nation-wide organizations with hundreds of people. We serve clients in many industries, including human healthcare, animal healthcare, real estate, education, professional services, and many more.

More than IT Services

Our business objective is to make your business more successfulI know what you’re thinking… how can the people who fix my computers make any difference in the success of my businessAnd guess what? They can’t! That’s why we’re so much more than just the computer repair people.  

What if I told you we can 

  • Make your employees more productive and less stressed? 
  • Reduce your overall business costs and maximize investment? 
  • Help you deliver better customer service to your clients?
  • Equip you with strategic advantages your competitors don’t have?

As a leader in the IT industry for over 20 years, we’ve developed and perfected a set of standards and processes that have proven over and over to improve business as a whole. Our unique processes and strategies can’t be found anywhere else and are designed to grow with you. Peace of mind? Check. A better running business? Yes, please!  

Interested? Find out more about our Small Business or Mid-Large Business Managed IT Services plans, or Contact Us to talk to a Business Technology Advisor today!

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