About Us

Who We Are

Located in Northern Colorado, Professional Information Services, LLC (Pro-IS) was formed by experienced computer professionals and business entrepreneurs who endeavor to provide small businesses with affordable and reliable computer networks and high-speed Internet connections.  Pro-IS has built and supports many small business networks in Northern Colorado.  

Pro-IS has many clients in Northern Colorado ranging from five-PC LANs to 200-PC LANs. Additionally, Pro-IS customers represent a wide demographic spectrum from multiple industries including medical, veterinary, consulting, marketing, real estate, retail, professional and administrative job functions. Consequently, we have experience supporting users with a wide range of computer skills and their subsequent varying needs.

Our Philosophy

Continually evolve the systems by reaching for the ‘ideal’ while emphasizing the pragmatic. While many system improvements and enhancements can be envisioned, efforts will be driven by prioritized attention to these four critical strategic elements:


Systems must be online and available for use at all times; especially in a 24/7 environment. Including, but not limited to, fault tolerance, redundancy, and targeted ‘self-healing’ wherever possible.


Systems must be secure from intrusion, malware and unauthorized access. Further, data and systems backups must be regular and automated. Recovery of lost data must be simple and user-oriented wherever possible.


Systems must be designed and maintained for ease-of-use wherever possible. System interactions must be intuitive, self-healing and tolerant to human error where possible.


Systems must be easy to support for both the IT technical staff as well as internal support resources. Documentation must be kept current.