Outsourced IT

Why Outsource IT?

As a business owner, operations manager, office manager, or other organizational decision maker, you’ve come to know how important computers are in your world. They’re more than a nicety or specialty tool. Computers are part of the everyday operation of your work. When they’re working well, business and life are good. When they stop working, you lose business and leads and sales.

Even if you have experience with computers and networking and cybersecurity, you’re responsible for far more than that. You can’t afford to let your staff’s productivity and efficiency slide because of a failing computer or printer. And you certainly can’t afford the potential for data loss or downtime due to a computer virus or data security breach.

You need a partner who supports you and proactively looks out for your business’ IT needs. You need a partner who:

  • Has extensive experience and training in IT systems so you don’t have to
  • Takes the time to understand you and your business and your specific needs
  • Is available by phone or text and in person when you need help or have an emergency
  • Monitors your systems proactively to help mitigate potential failures
  • Keeps up-to-date on the latest cybersecurity threats and uses cutting edge technology to protect your systems and data
  • Helps you with planning and budgeting to avoid unexpected IT costs

At Pro-IS, our trained and experienced technicians work one-on-one with you to architect and implement a strategic IT plan for you and your business. Contact us for inquiries and a free evaluation today.